WLAN Requirements for Education

“The biggest mistake in EDU is failing to come up with requirements for a design.” Basic WLAN requirements in EDU can be difficult to find. By interviewing the right people,…continue »

HiHillsboro Wifi Online: City Council

HILLSBORO, OR — Hillsboro's push for a connected city took another step forward Tuesday night when the city council announced the launch of the HiHillsboro Wifi network, a city-provided free…continue »

Plume Made Good Wifi Cheap

I’ve always had a frustrating relationship with the Internet thanks to where I lived. Long hallways or brick walls were in the way of a strong connection, requiring me to…continue »

Arista Enters Into The WiFi Business

Arista is entering into the WiFi world by acquiring Mojo Networks. It is also an extra step into the campus area. The company is not interested in the hardware business.…continue »