Vid Pick: DEDO – WiFi

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re connected via WiFi. “WiFi” also happens to be the perfect way to connect with Argentinian producer and multi-instrumentalist DEDO. “WiFi” is the first…continue »

Free public wifi to miss V&A opening

Free public wifi at Dundee’s watrerfront has been delayed. Plans to install wifi in the area by the end of July were outlined by Mike Galloway, executive director of city…continue »

Review: Gnarbox WiFi Hard Drive

As I find myself exploring the world with my camera, my need to “go light” has ramped up. While I still prefer to use my DSLRs, one area where I…continue »

New WPA3 WiFi Standard Released

Well, it’s finally here. In the fall of 2017, a vulnerability in WPA2 wireless encryption was discovered. Known as the Krack Attack, the flaw impacts every implementation of WPA2. The…continue »

How to get free WiFi anywhere

We’ve all been there: looking for free WiFi on the go, all too often failing and facing the frustrating consequences. While the WiFi cloud might not fully cover the globe,…continue »